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Redcap Investigations provide people tracing services. Our private investigation firm has years of experience in tracing and locating people quickly and efficiently for many different reasons. You may require our people tracing investigators for finding missing persons or simply tracing people who don't want to be found. No matter what your reasons to find and trace an individual we often locate them within 24 hours or less for urgent missing people tracing cases.

We find more often than not our people tracing services are used to track people with outstanding debt, or a client wishes to find an old school friend from the past. Redcap private investigators work quickly and efficiently to get you results. Everything between our clients and our investigators is kept strictly confidential and we work discreetly to minimise disruption to you.

Because of our experience and expertise in finding people, we offer a no find, no fee people tracing service. Redcap Private Investigations use the very best people tracing methods to obtain fast & accurate results, providing the very best people tracing service for you. If the person or company is a debtor of yours we can provide the necessary assistants in the recovery of any assets.

To trace a missing person call us today on 0800 7797 007or simply complete the contact form on the website for a fast and friendly response. You will be surprised just how cost effective it can be to track down any individual.

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