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Work Absenteeism Investigations

Redcap Investigations provide work absenteeism services in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. In any business employees are big part of a company, from service to company image. Employees promote the organisation they work for and handle private and company sensitive information. No matter the size of your business you will have to handle possible employee misconduct for whatever reason. It is important these situations are handled with care.

Our experienced private investigators in London, Essex and Herts have the knowledge and expertise to investigate employees you're suspicious of. Whether you have your suspicions that a staff member is working else where, passing information to a competitor or claiming sick days when they just fine. Redcap work absenteeism investigators work quickly and efficiently without anyone being aware. Our services our cost effective and will put your mind at ease - potentially saving your business money.

Absenteeism Investigations London, Essex & Herts

There's no surprise employers become suspicious of their employees when a high percentage of sick days taken in the UK are actually false. Often sick days are taken after a weekend or regularly taken in a recognised pattern over time. It could be financially beneficial to you to hire one of our private investigators to find out exactly what is going on.

Misconduct Investigations in London, Essex & Herts

Employee misconduct can be carried out for a range of wrong and deceptive behaviour including theft of property and intellectual property, claiming false costs from your business or working on personal projects during work time. Any misconduct can be harmful to your business.

Redcap Private Investigators are available for hire for any absenteeism and misconduct investigations throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire. We can quickly and discreetly work to resolve your case with the necessary evidence needed. We use covert surveillance and investigation techniques to retrieve the evidence you need to act appropriately.

If you suspect one of your employees of falsely being absent from work or misconduct, contact our work absenteeism investigators in London, Essex & Herts today on 0800 7797 007 or email through the website.

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